Why Twitter retires Magic Recs in the age of Chatbot?

Twitter retires Magic Recs
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Twitter retires Magic Recs. A twitter bot that used to send direct message to users about popular contents on Twitter.

It was based on an algorithm, which measured how many others you knew were following an account or Tweet in quick succession.

Twitter said “Magic Recs” would send recommendations through push notifications.

“@MagicRecs is no longer regularly sending recommendations through Direct Message. Recommendations that were previously shared via Direct Message are now delivered via push notification.” said Twitter.

Twitter retires Magic Recs

Twitter launched MagicRecs in June 2013. Also, in September 2013, twitter launched Push Notification. These notifications are not tweets, but the notifications that appears in your mobile notification tab. You can activate it from Twitter settings.

People slowly stopped receiving recommendation from MagicRecs. The bot was not much active as Twitter user. His last tweet was over a year ago.

MagicRecs was the first bot launched by Twitter. It was probably the best DM bot that Twitter had. Apart from Magicrecs, Twitter own some other bots as well.

Recently, Facebook has announced chatbot in F8 conference. Also, Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, is focusing on Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, Twitter has planned to retire his well performing bot. What could be the reason?

A reason could be, you were supposed to follow this bot on Twitter. Only then, it will make recommendations for you. Sounds like a compulsion? Well 112k Twitter followers, it is looks like people don’t want to follow a bot.

On other hand, Notification, it is open for all, for all the people using Twitter Push notification. Twitter plans to reach 257.3 million (83% of Twitter’s 310 million monthly active users) users.

This is to note, that Magicrecs’s recommendations were almost 100% accurate, while predicting accounts to follow and tweets to watch. Twitter could have turn it to something more useful. But for now, Twitter retires Magic Recs.

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