What is a Page Title

Title tag or title elements, are one of the essential html/xhtml tag. They define the title of your current web page.

In code

<title> Your Title here</title> 


Best Practice for Title tag

Keyword- second keyword| Brand Name


Brand Name | Keyword and Second Keyword

What is a title tag?

It defines the title of your page, and this is what appears in Search engines, browser and to any external site.

In Browser

In Search Results


Don’t Duplicate the Page titles:

Title for every page should be unique.


A title with maximum 70 characters is considered as good one.

Title tag for Google

Google has its own way of working, so there are some chances when google can reject your titles, While there isn’t any assurance your title tag won’t be replaced, make sure you write a title tag that is page related, content descriptive, short and sweet, and not keyword stuffed. This is your one defense.

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