Tumblr to introduce ads on all his blogs

You can opt out from advertisement program if you want.

Tumblr to introduce ads on all his blogs

Tumblr to introduce ads on all his blogs. Tumblr is planning to launch a new advertising program. This will be available to all the blog on Tumblr.

But, Tumblr didn’t clear how the program will work. But it looks like to be an expansion of its earlier Creatrs program. Creatrs program connects brands with Tumblr users, instead of having advertisers work with third-party influencer networks.

According to Tumblr the same opportunity provided by its Creatrs program will be available to “any eligible Tumblr.” It includes Poet, musician, fan artist, and misfit weirdo memelord alike.”

Additionally, users can opt out from advertisement program. You can turn off on blog advertising in settings if you’re not comfortable with it. It means ads will be enabled by default. This will allow Tumblr to monetize its network of over 306 million blogs from 65 million users. Also, Users will also be able to disable ads on a per-blog basis if they choose.

Ads will appear in three places as given below.

  • The main page of the Tumblr blog if the blogger is using the default Optica theme for their blog.
  • On the slide-out section on the web.
  • On Tumblr’s mobile apps and mobile web.

Tumblr will make an official announcement on Thursday. It will put in place advertisement in 2016.

The announcement comes at a time when Verizon acquired Yahoo in a $4.8 billion deal. Verizon gets Tumblr social network as a part of the larger group of content sites it’s taking over. It also includes Flickr, Yahoo News and Yahoo Sports.