Tom Clancy’s The Division : Game Review

tom clancy's the division screenshot

Here is another Tom Clancy’s creation to give us Open World and third-person shooting experience. The game is developed and published by Ubisoft, with assistance from Red Storm Entertainment to Give us Survival elements in Realistic world. Being a Open world game “The Division” gives  destructive environments that is free for players to explore.

It is set to be released on 8-March-2016 for Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Our mission is to infiltrate the Dark Zone, which is a  military area turned into quarantined block and to recover some supplies. You Must admit  the demo was stunning and the shooting feels great. Game Uses “eighth generation consoles” ans runs around a “smallpox pandemic” A type of Virus which is now spreads on Black Friday which is Somehow transmitted by a virus planted onto banknotes to consume U.S. and to collapse United States Government, the virus spread will fail the basic services and without food or water the country quickly descends into chaos.

Game impression on Free world and Third person View is excellent, Like Ubisoft series of “Assassin Creed” it also provide Gamer to use the free world in any way they want to complete the mission.

Must say Ubisoft has done fantastic job on Graphics and detailing of the environment interactions and Arena design and detailing.

Being one of the deepest “RPG” project, The Division surely make a Wide and in depth impression on the next generation gaming.



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