TeamViewer was hacked due to careless use of account credentials

TeamViewer hacked due to careless use of account credentials

TeamViewer hacked due to careless use of account credentials. TeamViewer has confirmed the attack by unidentified individuals. It’s causing serious damage to users’ privacy. The hacker sneaked into users’ computer and stole not only data but also transferred funds and purchased gift cards.

TeamViewer said “unprecedented large-scale data thefts on popular social media platforms and other web service providers” for the series of attacks.

In last few weeks, there were some incidents where hundreds of millions of hacked account details from MySpace, LinkedIn, and other companies have been offered for sale online.

TeamViewer said, “Unfortunately, credentials stolen in these external breaches have been used to access TeamViewer accounts, as well as other services.”

“They have taken advantage of the common use of the same account information across multiple services to cause damage,” it said.

TeamViewer did experience an outage on June 1 due to “a denial-of-service attack aimed at the TeamViewer DNS-server infrastructure.” The company claimed it had nothing to do with users’ accounts being hijacked. It warned against “careless use of account credentials” by reusing passwords across many accounts.

In an interview with Ars, Schmidt said that the majority of these breaches are a result of users using the same password for many accounts. One more fact he mentioned was the negligence users have towards giving strong passwords.

He said that having one password for many accounts is not a viable option. As it makes the job much easier for the black hats around the globe.

When asked if hackers managed to bypass TeamViewer’s two-factor authentication. He said there is no “conclusive evidence” that can prove that.

He also apologized to the affected users. He said that TeamViewers users need to be careful while using it. Its main function is to establish a connection between one device and another, which is a bit risky.

“We’re sorry if we offended anyone by our choice of words. It’s important to understand that TeamViewer is a tool that needs to be used sensibly and smartly,” he concluded.

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