Sitemaps Should Contain URLs Of Pages You Want Indexed

Sitemaps Should Contain URLs you want Google to index

Your Sitemaps Should Contain URLs you want Google to index in your sitemap file, not the other variations, said John Mueller in a discussion on Google Webmaster help.

So, if you are using https, use your https link in your sitemap. Also, don’t use www and non-www together. Only chose one version of the domain. You can use 301 redirect to redirect all other versions of your links to your main canonical link.

The question on forum discussion was.

If I will submit sitemaps on webmaster tool with 3 different accounts with https://www , http://www and with http:// what can happen? This will harm my SERP and page rank?

Here is the response from John Mueller.

We recommend just submitting a sitemap for the URLs that you want to have indexed, not for all variations.

You can read the entire discussion on Google webmaster help.

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