Link building for SEO: Suggestion by Matt Cutts

link building recommendation by matt cutts

While link building is required for SEO, some backlinks can hurt your ranking as well. If you are looking for long term SEO benefits, avoid some particular link building tactics.

Matt Cutts answers a question about link building in his Webmaster Help video. The question was:

Links from relevant content in article directories — Seen as good or bad? E.g., I link my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery article on say, Ezine? Would you do that?

Matt Cutts responded, in short, that his personal recommendation is to not upload articles to article directories.

He also tweeted his answer to the question, saying “No.”

Matt Cutts, posted a video suggesting the webmasters not to use article directory websites with the goal of building links.

Google has updated their algorithms. So these ideas are less effective now, in comparison to few year ago.

Check the Video below to see Matt’s full response to the question.

Matt also tweeted his answer to the question, saying “No”.