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Guide To Google Authorship Markup

You may notice every once in a while that Google results have a picture of the author next to them. This is actually part...
Include images in Google image search

How to add images in Google search results

If you want to add images in Google image search, there are multiple ways. But there is no way to submit it directly to Google....
meta keywords tag

Meta Keywords in SEO. Do you need them?

Meta Keywords tags are a brief extract of a page. It tells search engines about the page content. These are not visible on your...
Google brings health cards in India, with 400 disease results

How Google Search Engine Works – Learn SEO

Do you know how Google search engine works? Every search engine has three major functions, Crawling, Indexing and Fetching result based on user's query. It...

What is a Page Title

Title tag or title elements, are one of the essential html/xhtml tag. They define the title of your current web page. In code <head> <title> Your...

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Keyword Density – what is ideal percentage

In SEO, people are still confused about Keyword density. Most of the people don't understand how many time they should use a keyword in...
Is it Time for an SEO Tuneup

Is it Time for an SEO Tuneup?