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We cover the latest update about SEO and search marketing, search algorithm updates by Google, Bing & other search engines, we also cover best SEO practices & How To Guides for search engine optimization. Get started learning all about SEO, using the articles listed below.

seo audit checklist for ecommerce store

SEO for eCommerce website – 2018

SEO for eCommerce website will help you to improve your e-commerce website performance through the search engine and among your customers as well. A timely SEO audit for...
On-page seo techniques

List of On-page SEO techniques and strategies – 2018

When you talk about on-page SEO, most common methods are meta tags and keywords density. We created a checklist of advanced on-page SEO techniques, which...
Is it Time for an SEO Tuneup

Is it Time for an SEO Tuneup?

The internet represents constant evolution. Is your website keeping up with changing trends? Investing in your SEO strategy is an ongoing task because the...
What is SEO, SEO terms

SEO terms you should know – (updated 2018)

If you are new to SEO, and not aware of SEO terms used by marketers or bloggers, then this is the right place to...
How to submit URL to Google directly from search

How to submit URL to Google

 In a recent update by Google webmaster announced that they will disable public method to submit the URL to Google index. Google Webmasters said, "We’ve...
8 Best SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Rankings in Search Result

Best SEO tools – updated 2018

If you are looking for a list of best SEO tools, used by bloggers, then you will love the list. I collected some of the...
Facebook Privacy Bug

10 Great Sites to Drive Traffic to Your Content

Using websites with social media aspects can help drive more traffic to your own site. You need a great content strategy to see a...
Entrepreneurs Are Using Zero-Sum Budgeting

Why Entrepreneurs Are Using Zero-Sum Budgeting

Budgeting is a critical process of any successful business. Budgeting helps companies forecast cash flow and estimate whether internal revenue will cover external expenses....
How to Handle site maintenance correctly

SEO Advice: How to Handle site maintenance correctly

How do you take a site offline, without impacting his search performance? Good question. Google has recently published a blog post with his suggestion,...

SEO Advice: Protect your site from user generated spam

Do you see some auto-generated content in comments sections or forum threads? It may include some content that you may not want to be...

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Keyword Density – what is ideal percentage

In SEO, people are still confused about Keyword density. Most of the people don't understand how many time they should use a keyword in...
Is it Time for an SEO Tuneup

Is it Time for an SEO Tuneup?