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Google organic search to show AMP pages soon

Google organic search to show AMP pages soon

According to the latest announcement by Google, Google organic search to show AMP pages soon. Google has unveiled an early preview of expanded AMP...

Google Search Console updates Security Issues report

Google has updated the information available in Search Console in the Security Issues report. For more than nine years, Safe Browsing has helped webmasters...

Google Core Algorithm update: Explained by Google

Google Panda is part of Google’s core algorithm and this news brought the attention of different industry and discussion to know what exactly it...
Google now shuts down Google Compare

Google now shuts down Google Compare

Google has confirmed that he is closing Google Compare and other comparing tools by the end of March 2016. Google Compare is a web based...
Google brings health cards in India, with 400 disease results

How Google Search Engine Works – Learn SEO

Do you know how Google search engine works? Every search engine has three major functions, Crawling, Indexing and Fetching result based on user's query. It...
Flash ads are out, HTML 5 ads are in by Google Adwords

Flash Ads are out, HTML5 ads are in : Google Adwords

On Tuesday Feb 09, 2016, Google announced that Flash ads will no longer be accepted by them. From 30th June 2016, you will not be...
Google launched AdSense Labs

Google launched AdSense Labs For Publishers

Google launched AdSense Labs to give publishers access to test newer features. You can find it under the Optimization tab. If you are eligible, you...
Google AMP Update

Google AMP Update: Easily share AMP Pages

A new Google AMP Update is rolling out now. You can now view, copy and share the publisher’s own link to the webpage, instead...
Include images in Google image search

How to add images in Google search results

If you want to add images in Google image search, there are multiple ways. But there is no way to submit it directly to Google....

Google Search Analytics Report now includes Local results

Google Search Analytics Report now includes Local results. It also includes Knowledge Panel and Rich Snippets. To see the change, you m login to your Google...

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