List of free seo tools [updated 2017]

8 Best SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Rankings in Search Result

Starting a new blog or a site? Looking for best online SEO tools? Or looking for SEO tools to improve your website rankings? or thinking which are the best SEO tools?

We tried to collect some of the most famous and easy to use SEO Tools.

Google Adword Keyword Planner

Type: Free

Keyword planner allows to research and chose keywords and ad group idea. You can check how a particular keyword perform. Follow these steps to search for a new keyword.

  • Click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.”
  • Enter one or more of these: phrases that describe your product, URL of the page on your website, the relevant category of the product.

inside look for keyword planner

  • Click on “Get Ideas”.
  • Analyze the keywords from the Ad group ideas tab or the Keyword ideas tab.
  • Click on the double arrows to add an ad group or keyword idea.
  • Click on “Get estimates and review plan” to see a graph displaying maximum CPC bids and daily traffic estimates.

Google Analytics

Type: Free

Google Analytics Logo
Using Google Analytics, you can track almost every bit of your traffic. You can check

  • How many time a page was viewed on your website.
  • You can have new and returning visitors’ comparison.
  • Check the performance of your website in any country, state, and city.
  • Setup your own tracking using google tag manager for accurate and accurate data.

Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster Tools 

Type: Free

Google Webmaster Front Page screenshot

You must register your site with Google webmaster tools. Some important reason to use this tool is,

  • Monitor your site’s performance in Google Search results:
  • You can make sure that Google can access your content.
  • You can submit new content for crawling and remove content you don’t want showing in search results.
  • It will inform you if Google detects any malware or spam issues so your site stays clean.
  • You can easily view which queries caused your site to appear in search results?
  • List of sites that are linking to your website.
  • You can check, how your website is performing on Mobile device. If there is any issue, Google will let you know with a possible solution.

Google Developers PageSpeed Insights

Type: Free

Do you wait for a site to open for 10 seconds or more? Obviously not. According to a report, 70% of site visitors leaves the site in first 4 seconds of loading time.

Image showing the Pagespeed result
Image showing the Pagespeed result

Google Page speed provides the insights of your page performance. Use it to check your resources that slowing your page load time. For example, using High Definition images may cause slow loading of a page. Page speed will provide the result with the solution. Use it to improve site load performance.

Also, Google has introduced a new tool to test the mobile friendliness of your website.

Google Robots.txt Testing Tool (Part of Webmaster Tool)

Type: Free

This tool will tell you if your robots.txt file is blocking Googlebot from crawling a file. You have to log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account to access the Robots.txt Testing Tool.

Robots testing tool in Search console
Image: Robots testing tool in Search console

Structured Data Testing Tool

The Structured Data Testing Tool
Image: A test showing the Structured Data Testing Tool

The Structured Data Testing Tool allows you to check your markup and ensure Google can pull this structured data from your page. It will not only display the markup of a particular page but also shows you a preview of how the page will appear in Google SERPs.

Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

Type: Free

This free SEO Toolkit by Microsoft to run a complete SEO audit. The tool will give you detailed reports of the audit after the completion of the process.

Image:free SEO Toolkit by Microsoft


Google Trends

Type: Free

Use Google Trends to monitor what is trending in Google. What people are looking for on the Internet? What are they searching? This can help you to curate some idea for you next blog post

Google Trends example showing trend for Oscars 2016
Google Trends example showing trend for Oscars 2016


Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool


You can use this tool to check if Google penguin Google’s Penguin algorithm hitting you for over-optimized anchor text.

Content Strategy Generator Tool


Use this tool to plan your content strategy smartly. Use keyword research and get your audience estimate size.

Check My Links

Official Website:

This Google Chrome extension lets you check broken link on a page, with a single click.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test


Page is mobile friendly

We know how important mobile friendliness is now. Especially, after the announcement of Mobile-first index.

To use this tool, enter the page URL and you’ll get a message showing if your page is mobile friendly. Simple yet effective.



gtmetrics screenshotGTmetrix loads your site to test the page loading time. It also provides recommendations to boost the page loading time.

Microdata Generator


Local Business Schema GeneratorThe Microdata Generator lets you create a local SEO schema markup easily. If you’re a local business (or have local SEO clients), you can surly use it.

You must enter your basic biz info (like address, phone number, opening hours etc.) and you’re done.

Hope this list helps the beginners to start with SEO.

If you use some others tools for your sites and would like to recommend it, please feel free to add it in the comment section.