SEO Advice: Optimize your mobile website like your desktop website

SEO Advice

In the Last hangout of the year 2016, John Mueller of Google had an SEO advice for everyone. He said, that you should optimize your mobile website just like your desktop website.

He said, that mobile first index is set to roll out in 2017. Most SEO are good at on page SEO based on the desktop version. But, make sure your mobile website is SEO friendly as well.


So, John, it’s top of the hour. Want to leave us with the end of the year? Maybe like three things to look at for 2017? Assuming you did everything right in 2016?


So I would say mobile and mobile and mobile. That’s really easy, right? No.

I think, especially with the change in the mobile first index, one of the big things that I suspect SEOs, in particular, will want to look at is how the mobile pages are actually SEO.

So if you’ve done on page SEO for your desktop site then usually you folks spend a lot of time looking at the HTML code for your desktop pages. But the mobile page is essentially just like a mobile version of the same page, you haven’t really spent time to figure out. Like how do I need to optimize the code there to actually be like done in a way that’s like proper on-page SEO?

I suspect that’s something where people want to spend a bit of time on trying to figure that out and trying to make sure that the tools that they use are actually focusing on the mobile version of the page.

If you have to use a, I don’t know, crawler for your 2 websites to see how it’s internally linked, then make sure you’re actually testing the mobile version of the page and not just the desktop version.

So all of these kinds of third-party tools that you’re using to evaluate your pages, kind of the understanding of on-page SEO, make sure that you apply that to the mobile version of the page as well and don’t just focus on the desktop offers.

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