Screen Mirroring / Mirrorcast

Screen mirroring

Screen Mirroring or Mirrorcast

Screen Mirroring or in other words Mirrorcast, is easy and effective way to project laptop or mobile device display to Large screens like TV or Projectors. To help these users TV and Projectors manufacturers are working very closely to provide new options to there customers to make screen sharing easy and wire-free option.


What is it ?

Screen Mirroring  Or in other Words Mirrorcast is new  and trending name for sharing or broadcasting display from your laptop or Mobile device to your TV and Projectors. This is a effective technology and very easy to use, making it widely spread in New bread on TV called Smart TV section.

What Technology Used ?

All laptops and Mobile device which have WiDi support can connect or  mirror there screens to TV and projectors which support WiDi screen casting.

Supported platforms ?

: Most of the platforms are supported Like Android,IOS,Windows and Mac-OS.

As this is a emerging technology and is mostly included in new laptops, new users can use this option very easily, But users with Old Laptop  may have issues, WiDi would not be supported on some of the old Models of the Laptops, But they can use Mirrorcast /WiDi Actiontec Screen Beam USB Transmitter, this is a simple USB dongle used for similar task.

If your TV does not support WiDi reception and you want it to make it available for screen sharing then you can use Google Chromecast device to make your Normal TV a smart one.

Mirroring your screen using different methods:

Windows 10