Search Console showing more reports for your property sets

You can now see more reports for your property sets.

As per the latest announcement by Google, you can now see more reports for your property sets.

In May 2016, Google Search Console added a feature to combine properties into sets. It allows you to see a snapshot of your Search Analytics reports for all your canonical versions of your sites.

You can combine HTTP, HTTPS, WWW, non-WWW, your mobile app or even completely different URLS, into one Search Analytics report. But the report was limited to property sets in Search Analytics report. After receiving multiple feedback, Google is finally expanding it.

It now includes mobile usability report, apps, review your AMP implementation. It also includes double-check rich cards, or hreflang / internationalization markup and more.

Google search console update more reports for your property sets


So if you have multiple websites or Android Apps, you can combine them in Search Console using Property sets. This will help you to get a larger picture at how all your web properties are performing as a whole.

So, this was an essential upgrade to Search Console. Site owners now have larger options for data analysis.

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