Quantum Break Windows 10 version announced

At last Pc gamers can take a stab at Quantum Break windows 10 version as Remedy at last announced for “Quantum Break” Pc version for windows 10. Quantum Break is Third person action adventure game, players play as ” Jack Joyce” with a power of manipulating time which allow “Jack Joyce” to Freeze time except Jack Joyce himself.

Quantum Break is full action and adventure as it proceed with the story, player have options to choose verity of weapons and situations to deal with, the game play gives you verity of options to play your role in the arena. There are puzzle solving with a touch of less action orientated segments in the game, giving gamers a perfect blend of the Puzzle and action in gameplay.

Quantum Break (TV series)

Quantum Break’s television series will follow the exploits of Paul Serene and head of the Monarch Corporation, as he uses his powers of “precognition” to manipulate the timelines of the future to his advantage.

The first teaser trailer for both was revealed May 21, 2013.The television series was announced side by side the game.Quantum Break as a “video game and television hybrid said Sam Lake “Creative Director at Remedy”

 quantum-break TV

No Steam Version

Ubisoft have announced Windows 10 version release date together with Xbox One version, however it has been clearly confirmed that Steam version of Quantum Break will not available said by “Greenberg”. “Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a Windows Store exclusive” said Greenberg.

Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle

Microsoft has also announced “Xbox one” version of “Quantum Break” that will coming in crisp white color and well designed to give “Quantum Break” look and feel to gamers.

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