North Korea bans Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

North Korea bans Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

According to the official announcement by North Korea bans Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp including some other websites.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications announcement was posted this week at the country’s main mobile service provider, Koryolink, and other places serving Internet users.

Facts: Only few Government officials have access to Internet in North Korea.

In North Korea, Internet access is limited to some government officials. With over 2 million mobile phone users, people cannot access Internet in North Korea. Blocking the website and services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other sites serving Information and porn, is another way to restrict the access to information.

It also said, “Sex and Gambling websites” are also blocked.

In a decision in 2013 by North Korea, foreigner were allowed to use 3g services through a local sim provided by Koryolink. But after this ban, even foreigners won’t be able to access them now.

But Pyongyang, looking to maintain control over the flow of news getting out and concerned that local people may have also been finding ways onto the Web, has been quietly experimenting with Internet controls for some time.

In June last year, warnings began appearing on Instagram accounts in North Korea that claimed access to the popular photo-sharing app was being denied for “harmful content.” Access to other sites was also denied with a screen notification saying, “Warning! You can’t connect to this website because it’s in blacklist site.”

Instagram is not in the list of blocked website till now.

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