New Bipedal Robot by SCHAFT at Japan Conference

New Bipedal Robot by SCHAFT at Japan Conference

During New Economic Summit conference in Tokyo on Friday, the founder of Schaft showed off its latest development. A Bipedal Robot, followed by a video showing his performance during different obstacle training.

Google Inc. (now Alphabet) bought Tokyo-based robot builder Schaft Inc. in late 2013. After a silence of 3 years, they reappeared with this unnamed bipedal robot in Economic Summit. They don’t even have a website anymore, and their operations and projects are closely guarded secrets within Alphabet’s X division.

In the video, you can see the robots doing different trainings like climbing stairs, it even shows how he handles the rolling objects in his way. Video also shows, that how this robot is capable to manage uneven surface while carrying weight.

According to Hornyak, SCHAFT’s new Bipedal Robot (which hasn’t been named yet) “is designed to be a low-cost, low-power, compact device to ‘help society.’ ” It can lift 60 kg, travel over uneven terrain, and even tackle stairs, which are notoriously difficult for robots.

There is no official information available regarding this robot by google yet.

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