Narendra Modi is third most popular leader on Youtube

According to a study, Narendra Modi is the third most popular leader on Youtube.

Facebook, Twitter and now on video sharing website Youtube, Narendra Modi is gaining popularity day by day.

According to the study, called World Leaders on YouTube, here are the top Government youtube channels.

  1. White house with around 682,790 subscribers.
  2. Barack Obama with more than half a million subscribers.
  3. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi 315,000 subscribers. 47 million views on his channel as YouTube experiences “breakneck growth” in South Asia.
Narendra Modi is third most popular leader on Youtube
IMG/ Burson-Marsteller

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi used Google+ hangouts during their respective election campaigns in 2012, fielding questions from supporters.

“World Leaders on YouTube is Burson-Marsteller’s latest research into how world leaders, governments and international organizations communicate via social media. The research builds on Burson-Marsteller’s highly acclaimed annual Twiplomacy study, now in its fifth year” says the report.

Donald A Baer, Worldwide Chair and CEO, Burson-Marsteller added, “The study also noted that governments mainly use the platform as a one-way channel rather than as a medium for engagement with communities.

While some leaders use it to communicate live on the platform and answer questions, others largely use YouTube as a video archive and search engine and have disabled the comments, like and unlike functions.

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