Microsoft Employees raise $125 Million for non-profits in 2015

Microsoft employees raise a record-breaking $125 million for nonprofits in 2015
IMG / Microsoft Blog

Microsoft reported to have raised $125 million for nonprofit organizations and schools all over the world.

Microsoft employees raise a record-breaking $125 million for nonprofits in 2015
IMG / Microsoft Blog

Employees contribute to Microsoft’s giving program through time, money and talent adding $8 million.

Microsoft said in their blog post, “We believe Microsoft Philanthropies rounds out our ability to reach our mission, as well as to reach everyone. In the case of our Employee Giving Program, that means supporting more than 18,000 nonprofits that do invaluable work every day to strengthen communities and better our world. What better time than today to say “thank you” to those non-profits, and to the many people who work for them.”

Employee’s engagement rate has increased to 71% and Microsoft believes this is because this program enables employees to help programs they care about.

Microsoft Employees shared a portion of their paycheck to their favourite charity or cause. Many employees are engaged in volunteering act in their everyday life. Some employees volunteered few hours a month and some dedicated their near second shift to non-profit volunteer. In total, employees contributed more than 570,000 volunteer hours in 2015.

Employees in Microsoft headquarter situated in Washington with more than 42000 employees, amount of $62 million was raised to non-profit.

Microsoft featured few employees as volunteer

  1. Vanessa Payne, a technical advisor for Bing, and Heidi Fader, a program manager for the Storefronts Web team, volunteered a total of 340 hours in 2015, raising money for the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s. Since 2013 till now, both have raised $104,000 for cancer research so far.
  2. Nykeesha Davis, HR associate in Microsoft, volunteered 112 hours in 2015.
  3. James Spotanski, Program Manager excel, volunteered for more than 300 hours for nine different nonprofits in Washington State.
Microsoft employees Heidi Fader and Vanessa Payne raise money for childhood cancer research
IMG / Microsoft Blog

Microsoft added,

“As a first step in the work of Microsoft Philanthropies, we recently committed to donate $1 billion in Microsoft cloud services over the next three years to nonprofits and university researchers, to ensure these organizations have the technology to advance the public good.”

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