Microsoft is acquiring Beam streaming startup

Microsoft is acquiring Beam streaming startup

According to the latest announcement, Microsoft is acquiring Beam streaming startup. Through Beam, viewers can interact and influence the broadcasters game in real time. Microsoft has not revealed the deal amount yet.

Beam will join Microsoft’s Xbox team. They will “remain committed to its mission of importing users and streamers across platforms” according to Microsoft.

Here is a statement from Matt Salsamendi, Co-Founder & CEO post. “Together we’ve come a long way. Expanding our sub-second delay streaming stock to the public, announcing interactive at Startup Battlefield (we won too!). Growing our community to over 100,000 strong in just a few short months. But there’s so much more on the horizon.”

“I couldn’t be more excited for the next years at Beam. I’m so happy to be able to share this awesome journey with all of you.”

Salsamendi will lead the Beam team from Microsoft’s Redmond campus. They’ll operate under the Xbox engineering department.

“We are excited at Xbox about this convergence between playing and watching. We want to provide gamers with the freedom and choice to have great multiplayer experiences across all of Beam’s platforms,” said Microsoft in a statement. “This acquisition will help gamers enjoy the games they want, with the people they want, and on the devices they want.”

The streaming game is a big deal now a day. This is why Amazon purchased Twitch in a $1 Billion deal. Though Microsoft is late in streaming game, but Microsoft is acquiring Beam streaming to pick up soon. It looks the reason of launching Quantum break on Steam as well.