Microsoft HoloLens emulator for developer

Microsoft HoloLens emulator for developer
Image/ Microsoft

“Microsoft HoloLens emulator for developer might be available soon” said Microsoft in recent announcement.

Microsoft HoloLens emulator for developer
Image/ Microsoft

So if you were planning to develop apps for Microsoft HoloLens, this is a good news for you. Using the emulator, you can develop and test your app, even without the actual HoloLens Device.

Like all the other Microsoft HoloLens tools, HoloLens emulator will be arriving before March 30. As a Developer, you can use your emulator to test your app and use keyboard, mouse and Xbox controller for navigation purpose in a room.

You can download Microsoft HoloLens emulator, once it is available in late March.

Documentation and Videos for Microsoft HoloLens emulator

To start with documentation, head to Windows Holographic Dev Center. Microsoft will keep this documentation up to date as release date arrives.

The Dev Center includes Windows Holographic documentation to guide you through the ins and outs of HoloLens development in Visual Studio as well as in Unity.

You will find Windows Holographic documentation in Dev Center. Use it to know everything about Hololens development in Visual studio and in Unity.

As you start exploring Hololens, and if you find yourself in trouble, get help in the special forum designed for HoloLens App Development.

Also, Team has uploaded many videos on their youtube video channel. I am including the playlist here,

After Developing the Hololens App

Register for an account with Windows Dev Center. If you don’t have the device yet, Microsoft team is trying to make it possible, so you can upload your package without any hassle.

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