Infographics – Maximize Your Marketing ROI By Using Behavior Analysis

Maximize Your Marketing ROI By Using Behavior Analysis
You don’t have to manage a website for long before you notice that some pieces of content perform better than others. The reasons behind one page’s success aren’t always obvious. Your most popular blog post may have similar information as posts that don’t attract nearly as many readers.

Something must make that one post more attractive than the others, right?

Before you can determine why some content outperforms others, you need to enter the world of data analytics. Google Analytics is the most commonly used app for analyzing data. Even a beginner can create an account and start tracking data within hours.

Google Analytics offers a wealth of tools that will help you learn about your audience so you can create content that attracts more readers and converts them to customers.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics has so many features that users can feel overwhelmed.

If this happens to you, it may help to take a step back and think about what you really need to know to improve your content’s performance.

Start by checking out CopyPress’s Behavior Analysis infographic below. It is a content marketing resource that will introduce you to core concepts such as optimizing calls to action and headlines, calculating long-term customer value, and developing audience personas. Knowing different ways to use data will help improve the performance of your content and make your website more profitable.

Maximize Your Marketing ROI By Using Behavior Analysis

Derek Miller is a content marketing consultant for CopyPress. CopyPress is a leading digital content production company, specializing in articles, info-graphics, interactive, and videos.