Mary Lou Jepsen resigned from Facebook for charitable cause

Mary Lou Jepsen resigned from Facebook

Mary Lou Jepsen resigned from Facebook. She was Facebook executive director of engineering and Oculus head of display technology. She will join the development of MRI technology that would help cure diseases.

Jepsen announced her departure at the Women of Vision awards banquet of the Anita Borg Institute. She will now be focusing on creating MRI machines in the form of wearable devices to bring the technology to every doctor’s office in the world.

Jepsen has been thinking about the idea for about a decade. Now she is excited to begin with her new venture.

“I never stopped dreaming of how to create a wearable to communicate with our thoughts, how to do this at consumer electronics pricing. I want to get this to every doctor in the world.” Jepsen said at the event.

As Facebook is pushing efforts towards Virtual Reality, company loses the Oculus Oculus head of display technology. Facebook plans to take the Virtual Reality beyond the games and apps. The want to use Virtual Reality in Healthcare, Communication and Education.

Jepsen is not new to charitable causes. She is a co-founder of the One Laptop per Child, an initiative that aims to provide low-cost laptops to children in developing countries, as well as lead inventor and architect of the $100 laptop.

Oculus congratulated the direction Jepsen had chosen. “We wish Mary Lou all the best as she pursues her passion to change the world with next-generation medical technologies.” Oculus said in a statement. “We’re very excited to see what she invents next.”

Apart from Facebook, Jepsen spent three years running the Display Division at Google X. It is the Google’s advanced projects lab. At Google, Jepsen also worked on two of the lab’s so-called “moon shot” projects, reporting directly to Google cofounder Sergey Brin.

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