Make friends on Twitch with new feature friend list

Twitch declares new feature friend list
Twitch declares new feature friend list

You can now make friends on Twitch. In a recent announcement, Twitch declares new feature friend list. Twitch users can add new friends to their friend list. The company has announced two other features as well.

Twitch is a platform for watching live streams of games by Amazon. The company now allows users to make friends. So you can have similar minded gamers in your friendliest.

Make Friends on Twitch with new feature friend list

Twitch is about to become much more friendly. Twitch introduces Friends List. This will let you connect to Friends, see who’s online, and whisper them. The company will start sending Beta invite to test Friends List Beta.

Twitch’s director of programming, Marcus Graham, says Friends is another step towards making the platform a great place for users to not only connect with broadcasters but other users as well.

“Friends is the latest social feature in Twitch’s ongoing effort to help gamers connect with one another,” said Graham. “While Twitch has always been a great platform for broadcasters to connect with viewers, now viewers will be able to connect with each other too.

Newly redesigned Creative Directory

Make friends on Twitch
Image/ Twitch Blog

Twitch includes a community of streamers that are showcasing their talent. The new design will help communities like Painting, Cosplay, Food and Game Development. You can view the most popular community and highlighted streamers by selecting hashtag on the top.

Ad-Free Viewing for Subscriber

Make friends on Twitch. Twitch Ad-Free Viewing for Subscriber with new feature friend list
Twitch Ad-Free Viewing for Subscriber. Image/ twitch blog

No more ads for subscribed users. When you view the subscribed stream, you will no longer receive ads. Twitch says “This has been one of the most requested Subscription features, and we can’t wait to make it available soon for all Twitch Partners and their fans. Partners, more details will be coming soon, and you can also visit us at the Twitch Booth”.

“Other social features include the recently launched Channel Feed, as well as Whispers and Party Chat. Because the community continues to flock to features that help create real connections, as exemplified by the 300 million whispers sent just since launch, we are continuing to make this a key focus.”

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