Liam: an armed robot by Apple to tear down iPhone

robotic system called Liam

Apple revealed a robotic system called Liam, especially designed to rip apart your iPhone so it can be recycled.

Liam was revealed by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s SVP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. Some main features of Liam are

  • It’s an industrial robot especially designed to rip apart your iPhone
  • It can detect various part of your iPhone before disassembling them.
  • It can recover metals like Lithium and Cobalt from the battery plus Copper and Gold from the camera

Using Liam, Apple is taking another step to make environment greener. Apple is addressing the issue with Electronic waste, especially the waste by batteries. Apple understands the danger of these electronic waste and hence created this recycle program.

According to, 20 to 50 million metric tons of waste from gadgets are annually disposed. In the U.S. alone, waste from electronics represents 2 percent of trash in landfills, but it’s responsible for 70 percent of its toxic waste.

For now, Liam supports only iPhone 6S devices, but soon, it will start supporting other iOS models from iPhone to iPods.

Customers can either reach out to Apple store with iPhone or iPad, or request to pick up their iOS devices and participate in recycling program which is “safe for your data and safe for the planet.”

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