List of resources to Learn SEO in 2017

learn SEO

Are you new to SEO? Do you want to learn SEO online and without paying anything? Here is a list of some important resources which will help novice or beginners to optimize their content and their website/blog.

List of resources to Learn SEO

Let’s start with the learning process. You must be able to optimize your content by yourself. You should be aware of basics of SEO and his terminology.

Google Webmaster / Search Console Guide

We know what the importance of Google is. Let’s start with Google official resource that tells you how he searches, index pages, recommendation for your sites and many more things.

Beginners Guide to SEO (by Moz previously SEOMoz)

Beginners Guide to SEO; Moz (previously SEOMoz)
IMG/ Moz

Moz is an open community that continues publishes new and informative tutorials about SEO. Though the premium membership has its own benefits, you can still op through blog and free SEO guide, which is very helpful.

SEO by the Sea

This site provides valuable information about SEO white papers and patents. Follow this to keep yourself up to date SEO latest patents and practices.

What Is SEO by Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land Logo
Img/ Search Engine Land

Another free resource by Search Engine Land. A free guide to learn SEO, full of tips and tactics including videos.

7 Days to SEO Success

Simple and effective guide to learn SEO online. This beginner’s guide for SEO can be the first step in your SEO journey.

Free ebooks to learn SEO

Do you love books? or are you in love with your kindle? These books can be read anywhere and anytime you want. Remember, this is not the complete list, just some of the best resources, and there are numbers of e-books available online. You may or may not like these books, but these books worth your time.

SEO Starter Guide – Written by Google

SEO Starter Guide – Written by Google

Google published this document in 2010 and its still one of the best way to start the SEO learning process. You can download the SEO pdf guide.

SEO Myths by Hubspot 

Screenshot of SEO Myths by Hubspot

This is not exactly a book, but a type of report released by Hubspot community, to provide the latest trends in SEO industry.

You need to fill a form with your name and email address to download this free SEO book. Also, you are not forced to join the mailing list, you can unsubscribe anytime.

Hobo’s Training Book to learn SEO

Logo of Hobo seo

This book is provided by the UK-based firm, Hobo, a basic and a very useful guide for beginners to learn SEO.

Free Online Courses to Learn SEO

SEO For Beginners

With 15 lectures and 1-hour video by Daragh Walsh, this is top SEO course for beginners on Udemy.

Official Video channel of Google Webmaster

You can find many videos on this channel in the different language. From basics to advanced tactics, this is Google Webmaster’s official channel. Many experts like Matt Cutts, John Mueller from Google share their thoughts and vision about SEO and Google Policies about search ranking.

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