Learn SEO: 20 best SEO blogs and resources

learn SEO

Are you just starting to learn SEO? Do you want to learn SEO online? In this article, you will find the list of resources to learn SEO. It also includes some Youtube channels and free courses to learn SEO.

List of resources to Learn SEO

Let’s start with the learning process. You must be able to optimize your content by yourself. You should be aware of basics of SEO and his terminology.

1. Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google Webmaster Central Blog Logo

You can get the latest update directly from Google Webmaster Central Blog.

This is the official resource that tells you how the search works, how they index pages? What are the recommendation for your sites and many more suggestions from Google directly.

2. Beginners Guide to learn SEO by Moz (previously SEOMoz)

Beginners Guide to SEO; Moz (previously SEOMoz)

Moz is an open community that continues publishes new and informative tutorials about SEO. You can go through Moz blog and free SEO guide, which is very helpful. One of the most popular feature is “Whiteboard Friday”, where they discuss topic via a whiteboard.

3. SEO by the Sea


seo-by-the-sea-logoThis website provides valuable information about SEO white papers and patents. This website is created by Bill Slawski, he tracks and interprets all the latest patents from Google. Follow this to keep yourself up to date SEO latest patents and practices.

4. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land Logo
Img/ Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land was founded in 2007 by Danny Sullivan after he left Search Engine Watch. Search Engine Land provides breaking news about and covers all the aspects of search industry. Another free resource by Search Engine Land. A free guide to learn SEO, full of tips and tactics including videos.

5. Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable logoIn 2004, Berry Schwartz launched Search Engine Roundtable as a personal website, to keep the record of SEO industry. This website provides daily updates and brief opinions on the latest industry News, events, forum and social media discussion.

6. The SEM Post


Jennifer Slegg founded The SEM post in June 2014. This website provides daily news updates on the latest in SEO. Also, Slegg regularly posts about her findings about many features Google and Bing are testing.

7. SEO Theory

seo-theory-logoThe website was founded by Michael Martinez in 2006. He is a co-founder of Reflective Dynamics as well. You can read lots of posts about how SEP and search works. Though it is not for beginner, but it should be in your must-read list.

8. Backlinko

backlinko logo

Brian Dean founded the website Backlinko. You will find limited, but detailed posts about actionable items for SEO. He covers his post with data, which shows that the items actually works.

9. Search Engine Watch

search engine watch logo

This longest running publication dedicated to search industry was founded by Danny Sullivan in 1997. They post about SEO Topics, social media and content marketing.

10. GSQi Blog

GSQi Logo

GSQi was launched by Glenn Gabe, who is also a president of digital consulting service G-Squared Interactive. You can find post about digital marketing strategy, PPC and social media advertising and analytics.

11. State of Digital

state of digital logo

Bas van den Beld founded this website in 2010 and State of Digital provides articles on SEO and some other topics of digital marketing like social media, content and so on. You will find great insights here.

12. Quick Sprout’s Guide to SEO

quicksprout logo

If you need a simple explanations of basics of SEO, this info-graphic style guide with 9 chapter will be useful. You can access the guide here.

13. SEO Starter Guide – Written by Google

SEO Starter Guide – Written by Google

Google published this document in 2010 and its still one of the best way to start the SEO learning process. You can download the SEO pdf guide.

14. SEO Myths by Hubspot

Screenshot of SEO Myths by Hubspot

This is not exactly a book, but a type of report released by Hubspot community, to provide the latest trends in SEO industry.

You need to fill a form with your name and email address to download this free SEO book. Also, you are not forced to join the mailing list, you can unsubscribe anytime.

15. Hobo’s Training Book to learn SEO

Logo of Hobo seo

This book is provided by the UK-based firm, Hobo, a basic and a very useful guide for beginners to learn SEO.

16. 7 Days to SEO Success

Simple and effective guide to learn SEO online. This beginner’s guide for SEO can be the first step in your SEO journey.

17. SEO For Beginners

With 15 lectures and 1-hour video by Daragh Walsh, this is top SEO course for beginners on Udemy. This is a SEO tutorial for business owners, web designers, marketeers and anyone looking to broaden their horizons with this highly paid online skill.

18. Official Video channel of Google Webmaster

google webmaster youtubeYou can find many videos on this youtube channel in the different language. From basics to advanced tactics, this is Google Webmaster’s official channel. Many experts like Matt Cutts, John Mueller from Google share their thoughts and vision about SEO and Google Policies about search ranking.

19. Neil Patel Youtube Channel


Neil Patel is known for his long length articles. You can view the youtube channel to improve your understanding with SEO, digital marketing and many more things.

20. AHREF Blog

screenshot of ahref blog logo

Ahref blog covers SEO topics, from beginners to advanced level. They include topics like keyword research, backlink building, setting up google analytics, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

They also share some valuable case studies, used by by many online marketers for their research and blog.


SEO is a never ending process. You can learn the basics, but the method how they work, changes rapidly.

You have to keep your self up to date about all the latest changes in Google algorithms, so you can change your SEO strategies accordingly.

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