Keyword Density – what is ideal percentage


In SEO, people are still confused about Keyword density. Most of the people don’t understand how many time they should use a keyword in their article.

In this article, I will try to explain how it works.

Before you write a post, you think about a topic. That topic is your keyword.

Every time you write a post, you keep it surrounded by a focus keyword.

So the number of time that keyword is found on the page, compare to the total text of that page, is called Keyword Density.

For example, your article contains 200 words, and you have used the keyword twice in the article, so the keyword density is 2%.

How to calculate Keyword Density percentage?

The simplest way to calculate keyword density percentage is, count the specific keyword that you have used, and divide it by the total number of words. Then multiply it by 100, to get the keyword density percentage.

Keyword Density percentage = (Number of keywords / number of total words) * 100

Here is the formula to calculate it.

Keyword Density = (Nkr / Tkn) x 100


Density = your keyword density
Nkr = how many times specific keyword appears on your page
Tkn = total words in the analyzed text

Google speaks about Keyword Density

As per Google, your articles should be useful for the users. In the age of RankBrain, you cannot rely on keyword lone. You must write engaging content, so your users spend time to read it.

Here are few important quotes from Google experts,

John Mueller: “Keyword density, in general, is something I wouldn’t focus on. Search engines have kind of moved on from there.”

Matt Cutts: That’s just not the way it works. Continue to repeat stuff over and over again then you are in danger of getting into ‘keyword stuffing’.”

Here is a video where Matt Cutts busts the density of SEO keywords myth.

Google Webmaster Guidelines: “Filling pages with keywords or numbers results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking. Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.”

What Tools Can I Use To Improve SEO?

There are multiple tools to improve SEO for your website, like Google Analytics, Google Search console, Google Keyword planners and others.

If you are using WordPress to host your blog, you can use Yoast plugin to to manage SEO for your blog. Here is a screenshot of warning about Keyword density in Yoast plugin.

keyword density

Should you ignore the keyword completely

Well, no. While using keywords in large volume might harm your website, using a bit keyword is ok. Though Google and Yahoo do not use Keywords for their ranking purpose, you can still use keywords in your articles.

Google uses more thank 200 factors, before ranking your page, and keyword is not one of them. You can spend time learning about On-page SEO and off-page SEO to improve ranking of your website.


You will receive mixed response for Ideal Keyword density percentage. But there is no ideal keyword density, or at-least, no one can tell you the exact percentage of keyword density allowed by search engine.

Google wants to serve the best results to his users. If your content is not useful, keyword stuffing is not going help.

The main key to success is great content, because fooling a search engine is no longer easy.

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