Jeff Huber steps out of Google to lead GRAIL as CEO

Jeff Huber, CEO, Grail


Jeff Huber is one of the top executives from Google who is appointed as CEO of GRAIL.

Jeff Huber is the men behind Google Map, Ads and Google X research lab. He was associated with Google since 2003. In Google X as a senior Vice President, he was working on Big Data and Analytics with Biotechnology.

In 2014, he joined the board of Illumina, a genetics research company that also invested in Grail.

“As I thought about what I wanted to do next at Google, it seemed to me like biology and science were having a pretty fundamental shift,” he said.

Grail is an organization formed in January 2016 by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos by a huge investment of $100 Million. Grail works towards the early detection of cancer, so it can be cured on time. Grail Board of directors includes Jay T. Flatley (CHAIRMAN), Jeff Huber (CEO), Richard Klausner (M.D.), Robert Nelsen (co-founder and a Managing Director of ARCH Venture Partners), and Bill Rastetter (chairman for three San Diego companies: Illumina; Neurocrine Biosciences; and Fate Therapeutics).

Grail Logo
Image / Grail

Jeff’s wife Laura, who died from colon cancer in November 2015. According to Jeff, this is the biggest reason he took this decision to join Grail.

Jeff posted a note on his google+ profile which includes.

“My work at Grail is dedicated in remembrance of my wife, Laura. She fought an incredibly brave battle with her cancer, but it was ultimately a losing battle since it was diagnosed so late (at stage 4). If Grail had existed before, and caught her cancer earlier, it’s very possible she’d still be with us today. Things don’t “happen for a reason,” but you can find purpose and meaning in things that do happen. When Grail succeeds, hopefully many, many people and their loved ones can be spared the cancer experience Laura endured.”

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