Tell Google about a mobile version of a page

tell Google about a mobile version

Many webmasters have asked that how to tell Google about a Mobile version of a web page.

Matt Cutts from Google released another video, where he explains that how to optimize for the mobile web in the response to the following question.
The question posed was,

Is there a way to tell Google there is a mobile version of a page? so it can show the alternate page in mobile search results? Or similarly, that a page is responsive and the same URL works on mobile.
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If we follow Matt Cutts , this is a very popular question. According to him, there is sufficient information available online by Google but somehow People are not able to follow it.

You can watch the entire video below.

As a webmaster, you want your visitors to land on the site depending on their device. Desktop users go to desktop version of site and Mobile users go to mobile/smartphone site.

Few methods to tell google about a mobile version of a page

Use Responsive design, which can serve the same site to all the users, mobile and desktop. JavaScript and CSS scale the site to comfortably fit the resolution of the screen it’s being viewed on.

Don’t block JavaScript and CSS. That actually makes a pretty big difference”. “If we’re able to fetch the JavaScript and CSS we can basically try to figure out whether it’s responsive design on our side.”

Another way is to have a different version for mobile and desktop users and to have separate URLs. Make sure that on your desktop page, you add rel-alternate that points to the smartphone version of your page.

This will tell Googlebot that there are two versions of the same page that are related to each other because this is the smartphone version, and this is the desktop version.

Also, put a rel=”canonical” on the mobile version pointing to the desktop version. This will let the Googlebot know that even the URL are different, the content is same.

As long as you have these bidirectional links, a rel-alternate pointing from the desktop to the smartphone and a rel=canonical pointing from the smartphone to the desktop, Google can easily differentiate the versions and return the current version to users.

As long as you follow these best practices, he says, Google will figure it out.