How to add images in Google search results

Include images in Google image search

If you want to add images in Google image search, there are multiple ways. But there is no way to submit it directly to Google. Google uses a different algorithm to include images in the search engine.

First of all, add an image to your website including a good description defining your image. There is no way to include your image directly into the search result. There is no limit of images; you can include as many as images in image search results.

If you do not have any website, so don’t worry! Google offers there are numbers of way to upload your images to the web and let them include in google

  • Upload your images to a social network like Google+.
  • Create a website using Google Sites.
  • Add the images to a blog using Blogger.

When you upload an image to a web page, make sure that the web page is public and accessible by visitors. For Example, if you include an image in your google + profile, make sure it is Public.

Tips to include images in Google search results

  1. First thing is making filenames searchable. For example, “my-cat.jpg” might be one.
  2. Add an alt tag. An alt tag is short for the alternative tag.
  3. Include explanatory text. Use alt tag for the image to describe your image. This will help Search Engine to understand what the image shows and where it is more relevant.
    Be patient.
  4. Once you have uploaded the images, keep calm. Wait for some time. Let the search engines crawl your site and they will do the rest. There is no timeframe for this. So be patient.
  5. For troubleshooting, Check Google Guidelines for Image publishing.

Watch a video by Peter Linsley, Google Product Manager.

How Google’s Image Recognition Works

According to Google “This is powered by computer vision and machine learning technology. It uses the visual content of an image to generate searchable tags for photos. It combines with sources like text tags and EXIF metadata to enable search across thousands of concepts like a flower, food, car, jet ski, or turtle.”