How old websites maintain SEO ranking over time?

Matt Cutt explains How old websites maintain SEO ranking over time?
Matt Cutt explains How old websites maintain SEO ranking over time?

Do you know How old websites maintain SEO ranking over time? Well, Matt Cutts, from Google, has released another video. This video answers that why the old websites which were doing great in a search result, no longer doing the same job. The question posed was,

I have been in business for over 14 years with my domain, and see much newer domains passing me. Any algorithms to protect older domains/sites in business from newer sites with more spam?

Matt explained, there are many old websites on Google. Some websites are older than 15 years, which is great, but, some of these sites have their original design templates and have not done much to their sites to improve things over the years.

Here are the highlighted points on this video:

  • Keep your website up to date. Update the layout and content.
  • Keep working for Internet ranking factors, regardless the age of your site.
  • Never stop learning new things, especially the old sites.
  • Older sites have to focus on how to remain on top of Google’s ranking. Google does not favor a site based on his age.

Some tips How old websites maintain SEO ranking

  1. Keep your site fresh. Update content on regular basis. Write high-quality content.
  2. Write for your audience, not for Google ranking.
  3. Keep your eyes on your website performance.

There are new and new websites coming every day with fresh design and better Interface, so the customer may drop your site and move to these new websites as they are getting better experience there. Fresh content and User Interface helps to hold your audience on your website.

Google acts the same way. If you don’t improve your sites frequently, then why should Google continue to rank it well?

As the Final suggestion, Matt suggests the old domain holders should update their old website before user leave your website. Update the user interface and the content on regular basis.