Highlights from Google IO 2016 event

In IO 2016 event, Google many things. From Instant app to Google home, from Google assistant to Google Daydream. Google showcased their vision of future. They discuss how they are planning to change the world in coming days.  Here are the Highlights from Google IO 2016 event and some important announcement.

Google Home

Highlights from Google IO 2016 event
Google Home

This can be taken as a competitor to Amazon Echo. Google home will work with Google Assistant. Ask Google Home to complete some task like controlling other apps, answering questions. You can enjoy music on this speaker as well.

Google Assistant

Sundar Pichai announced Google Assistant. Google’s own attempt to make your life easier with the help of an automated messaging buddy.

“We think of this assistant as an ambient experience that extends across devices.” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said. “It’ll be on their phones. The devices they wear. In their cars, and in their homes.”

Google Duo

Duo is a video calling app. Some features include.

  • You can see the incoming call by knock knock feature, before even answering the call.
  • Smooth switching between cellular to Wi-Fi network. Auto adjusts the call quality based on your network.

Google Allo

Google Allo is new messaging app. Like WhatsApp, it uses your phone number and adds your phonebook contacts in your friend list. Some important features of the app are

  • You can whisper/shout in chat by changing the size of the text using a slider to help communicate volume.
  • It uses smart reply. These are based on Artificial Intelligence. Means the more use them, more they learn how you respond to some particular response.
  • An OpenTable bot will allow users to choose a restaurant and book a reservation without ever leaving an Allo chat.
  • Using Google Assistant, you can search for images within the chat.
  • Incognito mode. All chats are encrypted. But incognito mode offers end-to-end encryption and an option to send messages that self-destruct. Once you close the chat, it will be deleted forever.

Daydream, Google Virtual Reality Platform

Highlights from Google IO 2016 eventGoogle now has its own mobile virtual reality platform. It’s called Daydream.  It is built on top of Android N. Means it’s not going to compete with the likes of the PC-powered HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. It looks more powerful than Cardboard and represents a huge step in the push to advance VR out of its early stages.

Instant App

The instant app allows the user to use an app within Android Play store. You won’t have to install it first to check his functions.

Android Wear 2.0

The major update is Android wear 2.0 can work independently of a smartphone. Means, apps no longer need a connected smartphone to function.