GTA 5: New Adversary Mode IN AND OUT launches this Tuesday

New Adversary Mode IN AND OUT launches this Tuesday

Rockstar Game’s new Adversary Mode In and Out launches this Tuesday May 3rd, 2016. Another new game mode along with bonus RP and double cash to players for a week-long celebration. Rockstar is calling the mode “In and Out”.

It is an rival mode with gameplay similar to Grand Theft Auto Online’s Capture mode. Attacking players will have to retrieve 8 packages from the defending team’s turf, and attacking players can expect the defence to be well-equipped with a large store of artillery.

Playlist reminders:

Friday April 29th & Saturday April 30th – Adversary Mode Playlist 1

feat. Hunting Pack, Relay & Offense Defense

Sunday May 1st & Monday May 2nd – Adversary Mode Playlist 2

feat. Hasta La Vista, Every Bullet Counts & Keep the Pace

Tuesday May 3rd through Thursday May 5th – In and Out Playlist

feat. all 3 maps of In and Out

Also, there is a sale by Ammu-Nation. Players can buy Grenades and sticky bombs. With 20% off, assault rifle mods and combat machine guns at 25% off, and SMG ammo at 50% off. However, this event will not offer unique cars as previous game modes like Inch by Inch provided. Here is the complete list of Discount.

  • Grenades – 20%
  • Sticky Bombs – 20%
  • Assault Rifle Mods – 25%
  • Combat MG – 25%
  • SMG Ammo – 50%  

Meanwhile, “GTA 6” is said to be released sometime in 2018. While Rockstar Games has been very successful in keeping things under wraps all this time, “GTA 6” fans are confident that the much awaited game will be released very soon.

“GTA 6” is reported to be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One first. Right after that, a “GTA 6” PC format will be launched.

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