Google’s Area 120 to retain top employees and support Startup Idea

Area 120 to retain top employees

According to a report, Google is developing Area 120 to retain top employees, who are planning to leave organization to work on their start-up. Employees can work on start-up projects without leaving their jobs in Google.

Headed by Google executives Don Harrison and Bradely Horowitz, Google’s Area 120 is intended to empower its employees and give them the chance to work on their ideas.

To get the membership to Area 120, Employees have to submit a Business Plan for their start-up. Upon the approval of the same, they will be allowed to work full time on their idea in Area 120.

Area 120 to retain top employees

Once the idea is grown up, they can pitch Google for funding. Company then will decide to invest in the idea further.

According to The Next Web, Area 120 is a reference to Google’s “20 percent time” initiative. Its employees are encouraged to spend one-fifth of their working hours working on their passion projects.

Gmail and AdSense both came of 20 percent time, so Google may be looking for the next internal home-run from Area 120.

Reports also indicate Area 120 will be physically separate from Google’s Mountain View campus, instead occupying space in one of Google’s San Francisco offices.

For Google such initiative may prove useful in the development of additional product and services which may be incorporated with Google later.

It can also help in fighting future competition in advance like it happened in the case of Facebook-owned Instagram which was created by former Google employee Kevin Systrom.

This is not yet confirmed, if it will be Google or Google Ventures that will be investing on the new start-ups.

There has not been an official confirmation from Google on this report so far. We will update this story if there is any official confirmation from Google on the report.

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