Your page is not mobile friendly : Google Warning

Google Warning your page is not mobile friendly-compressed

Google now displays a warning “Your page is not mobile friendly”. When a site owner searches the non-mobile friendly site in Google mobile search.

Google is getting strict with mobile friendliness. In addition to his strictness, it’s now showing a warning to site owners if their webpage is not mobile friendly.

Note: This warning is only visible to site owner, not public.

I was testing my old test website on my phone, while I came across to this error. Here is how it looks.

Google Warning your page is not mobile friendly-compressed

It says, “Your page is not mobile-friendly”. When you touch the hyperlink it takes you to a Google help page about mobile-friendly. I noticed this stuff just before the beginning of empowering the mobile friendliness.

Note: Mobile friendliness is critical ranking factor, and may harm your website in Google Mobile search, if your website is not mobile friendly.

What was the last time you checked your site in google mobile?