Google updated Safe Browsing’s Site Status Tool

Screenshot Site Status Tool-1

As per the latest announcement by Google, they have updated Safe Browsing’s Site Status Tool. The new update includes, cleaner UI, easier-to-interpret language, and more precise results.

Site Status Tool helps users to protect themselves from web-based threats like malware, unwanted software, and social engineering. Users can check the current safety status of a web page, before they visit the website.

Screenshot Site Status ToolIn Site Status Tool, you can enter the URL of the page which you want to check.

Google will return the latest Safe Browsing analysis for that webpage. Also, Google will suggest troubleshooting steps and educational materials.

Also, Google has moved some of the more technical data on associated ASes (autonomous systems) over to the malware dashboard section of the report.

Even after the modification, researchers can find additional details in Safe Browsing’s Transparency Report. Also, Webmasters can find additional information in Search Console.

You can visit the site here.

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