Google Translate : Breaking Language Barrier since 10 years

Google Translate completed 10 years

Google Translate completed 10 years successfully. It was launched on April 28 2006. It’s a tool to translate words from one language to other.

Google launched translate to break language barrier and to make world more accessible. Since the launch, Google translate now supports 103 languages and over 100 billion words are translated each day.

On this occasion, Google listed some of the achievement of Google Translate.

Breaking Barriers

People can help each other in a difficult time. Google lists the example of Syria and Canada. People from Canada using Translate to make a refugee family feel more welcome.

More than 500 Million Users

Most common translations are between English to Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Indonesian.

Translating more than 100 billion words a day

No matter where you are or what language you speak, you can “Be Together. Not the Same.” Google says, the most common words that are translated in other languages are “How are you”, “Thank You” and “I Love you”.

Translation reflects Trends

According to Google, In addition to common phrases like “I love you”, we also see people looking for translations related to current events and trends. For instance, last year we saw a big spike in translations for the word “selfie.” Last week, translations for “purple rain” spiked by more than 25,000 percent.

A community with 3.5 million volunteer

So far, 3.5 million people have made 90 million contributions through Translate Community, help Google to add new language and improve translation for existing language.

Brazil uses Translate more than any other country; 92% of searches come from outside the US.

See world in your language with Word Lens

It can help to read menu, road sign, and many other things. You can use this feature of Google translate to translate 28 languages.

Works without Internet

You can instantly translate signs and menus offline with Word Lens. Google Translate completed 10 years

Not every country has reliable Internet connection. You can instantly translate signs and menus offline with Word Lens on both Android and iOS, and translate typed text offline with Android.

Google Translate completed 10 years. But there’s lots more to do to break language barriers and help people communicate no matter where they’re from or what language they speak.

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