Google to empower Mobile friendliness ranking signal

But this is not Mobilegeddon ver 2.0

Mobile friendliness ranking signal

Google is making mobile friendliness ranking signal stronger than before.


April 21st 2015, the day when Mobilegeddon was launched by Google. The day when mobile friendliness became the official ranking signal. Today search giant has announced that they will make mobile friendliness stronger in upcoming months.

Company will roll out new update from the starting of May 2016, for mobile search result to deliver more relevant and mobile friendly pages.

What you should do now

If you have already made your site mobile friendly, you don’t have to do anything regarding this update. Google has confirmed that sites which are already mobile friendly will not be impacted.

Still if you want to improve the performance of your mobile site, there are number of tools available like Google Mobile friendly test.

Point to remember

Google says,

“The intent of a search query is still a strong ranking signal”.

Mean, if a page has high quality content and is not mobile friendly, you might see this page on first of google on your mobile search.


Watch the Webmaster Video below. Experts from Google are answering the common questions related to Mobile friendly website.

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