Google site search paid version to be discontinued

Google site search shut down

Google confirmed today that they are going to discontinue the paid version of Google site search. They will now direct existing users to a free, but ad-supported alternative.

Google has started rolling out the announcement to his existing users already. The paid service in its current form will continue to function until licenses expire. However, beginning April 1st, new sign-ups and renewals will no longer be available.

Google site search“On April 1, 2017, Google will discontinue sales of the Google Site Search. All new purchases and renewals must take place before this date. The product will be completely shut down by April 1, 2018.”

Any existing licenses expiring between April 1 and June 30 will be extended an additional three months, with customer and technical support available until the end of the contract.

Google site search was launched in 2008. It was available for all the websites, regardless the size. With Google site search, any website can add a custom search field of their own to their websites. And yes, the custom field is powered by the same technology that runs the world’s most popular website,

Pricing varied depending upon the number of searches you needed. So, 20,000 searches for a year required you to shell out $100, while you got 500,000 queries for $2,000 per annum.

A Google spokesman said that the company is “winding down the Google Site Search product over the next year, but will provide customer and technical support through the duration of license agreements.”

Google site search customers may also take advantage of Google’s Custom Search Engine solution, an ads-supported model that offers similar functionality.

In last one year, Google has closed multiple products. Like, Google shut down Picasa, Google Map maker. So Google site search paid version is just an addition to it.