Google Search Console updates Security Issues report

Google has updated the information available in Search Console in the Security Issues report. For more than nine years, Safe Browsing has helped webmasters via Search Console with information about how to fix security issues with their sites.

This update focuses six specific security issues. Malware, Deceptive Pages, Harmful downloads, and Uncommon downloads.

Google Search Console updates Security Issues reportThese explanations give webmasters more context and detail about what Safe Browsing found. Google also offers tailored recommendations for each type of issue. Including sample URLs that webmasters can check to identify the source of the issue, as well as specific remediation actions webmasters can take to resolve the issue.

So if you are not registered on Google Search Console and not currently experiencing a security issue, Google still wants you to register your site in Search Console. Google will use Search console to send notifications to Webmasters, so it can be resolved more quickly.

Google wants to help webmasters provide a safe and secure browsing experience for their users.