Google Search Console Search Analytics Report Broken

Search Analytics report is fixed

According to the latest update by Google, Google Search Console Search Analytics Report is not updating. The search Analytics report has not yet updated since August 31, 2016. Google is aware of it and working to fix it.

According to updated, “A system error began dropping all Search Analytics data after Aug 31. We hope to fix the problem soon and add back the missing data.”

Search Console Search Analytics ReportNow there are rumors, that update lines mean any upcoming update by Google. This is totally wrong. We all know that Google updates Search console frequently. This update line is one of the updates which means there is data, but it is not visible yet.

A few days ago, Gary Illyes reported that Google Search Console Index Status report is broken. Gary Illyes, is Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google.

We can expect that Google will fix both the issues soon.