Google Science Journal: A digital science notebook for kids

Google Science Journal

In a recent announcement, the company announced Google Science Journal, digital science notebook for kids.

The science journal app lets kids experiment with the phone using the device’s different sensors. Google has teamed up with science blog Exploratorium for this project.

Google is developing creative hands-on learning activity kits to accompany the Science Journal app. These Science Journal kits include inexpensive sensors, microcontrollers and craft supplies that bring science to live in new ways. The kits are available for buy in the US or can even be assembled yourself.

Main features included in Google Science Journal

Observe with Science Journal

Using the sensors in any Android phone you can measure sound, light. Record real data and note your observations.

Organize projects

You can use Science Journal to record and organize your data. Science Journal can plot a graph based on your data in real time. Then allows you to compare the results of your experiments.

Real Time Recording

You can record your observations in real-time. For example, how much light is in my room compared to outside

Add your notes

You can add notes and photos while recording.

“Though we love seeing visitors on our museum floor exploring everything from sound to speed to color. What we love even more is inspiring a world of curious learners. We are excited about making hands-on exploration accessible to people in a place where they already are. Their mobile devices,” said Exploratorium in a post.

“We believe that anyone can be a maker. Making doesn’t just mean coding or working with electronics. It can be building or cooking, fixing a broken salad spinner or re-sewing a button on a teddy bear. Making is about looking at the world around you and creating. Or, you guessed it, making – ways to improve it,” Google said in their post.

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