Google reviews schema guidelines to ban vulgar or profane language

Google reviews schema

Google has updated the for reviews schema guideline once again. Google reviews schema guideline now bans the use of profanity and vulgar language in reviews.

As per the documentation, [P]rofanity and vulgar language are prohibited. Do not include reviews that contain vulgar or profane language.

This is important if you use Google reviews schema for your reviews. If you have any review that contains vulgar language, please remove it. Or at least, remove the Google reviews schema.

With your critic reviews displayed prominently in Google Search results, your readers will be able to easily find them and navigate to your website to read the complete reviews. Critic reviews appear in Search results with a snippet from the critic, the critic’s name and the publisher icon.

Google reviews schema

This might be an additional work for you. So, keep tight control over the quality of reviews. Go through all the existing reviews. Make sure no review contains such language.

This is just another update in Google reviews schema. Google updated the guideline a few months ago as well.

If you fail to fulfill this, Google reserves the right to remove it.  Aaron spotted the changes first. You can check his post here.

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