Google Renames Satellite Imagery Skybox to Terra Bella

Google renames Skybox to Terra Bella

Google today announced  that he has renamed  his satellite subsidiary Skybox to Terra Bella.

Google renames subsidiary Skybox Imaging as Terra Bella
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Skybox was founded by Dan Berkenstock, Julian Mann, John Fenwick, and Ching-Yu Hu in 2009, and was acquired by Google in June, 2014 for $500 million. Company creates small satellites that captures landscape with high details and helps business with analytical service.

Skybox launched his first satellite SkySat-1 in 2013. SkySat-1 has already captured 100,000 images since then. Skybox (Now Terra Bella) confirmed that they have many satellites in pipeline, which are likely to be launched in upcoming years.

Google renames subsidiary Skybox Imaging as Terra Bella

“As proud as we are to have played a leading role in developing satellite technologies, we have realized that our vision extends far beyond boxes in the sky. As Google revolutionized search for the online world, we have set our eyes on pioneering the search for patterns of change in the physical world.

In order to focus firmly on the future, we’re pursuing that vision under a new name – Terra Bella.” the company’s founders, Dan Berkenstock, John Fenwick, and Ching-Yu Hu, wrote in a blog post.

Being a part of Google, Skybox is not limited to satellites now. They said, “we are also now working with a wide array of geospatial data sources, machine learning capabilities, and experts that we could not have imagined as an independent start up company.”

They said “These resources will give us a unique ability to transform raw imagery into data to help people and organizations make more informed decisions.”

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