Google Patents Tearable display: Screen that can be ripped apart

Google Patents Tearable display

Google patents Tearable display. A screen that can be torn into pieces. Tearable screens would be good for sharing information. Where ripping away a small section of screen would see information transferred to that scrap of the display.

In a diagram, Google shows a ‘Lost Dog’ poster that is actually a screen. With strips of screen at the bottom that can ripped away to get the details of the owner. Just like the case with paper posters today.

Google Patents Tearable display
Images show the tearable screen being used to replace lost pet posters, for example, and it builds on the idea of modular technology.
Image/ USPTO

Google also shows a screen advertising an item in a shop. A detachable section of screen in the top-right corner, which can be ripped off by shoppers to get a coupon.

Google says that portions of screen would be able to reattach to the display they were ripped from, combined with other strips torn from the display or even added to a new displays.

The patent filing was made in October 2014 and is titled simply as ‘Tearable displays.’

Google Patents Tearable display. Image shows  an advert with coupons that can be torn off and used in-store as well as a drawing of a robot that has been torn in half.
Image shows an advert with coupons that can be torn off and used in-store as well as a drawing of a robot that has been torn in half.
Image: USPTO

The description reads: ‘Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for presenting content on Tearable displays.

“One of the methods includes presenting, by a device having a Tearable display, first content on the Tearable display; receiving, at the device, an indication of a tear in the Tearable display, the tear in the Tearable display defining a first portion and a second portion of the Tearable display”.

Put more simply, this could include a display that shows a lost dog poster with Tearable portions that feature the pet owner’s phone number that can be removed for reference later.

Google doesn’t comment on rumours and patents. According to Google, “the presence of a patent doesn’t guarantee the product will be made.”

Companies like LG recently unveiled an 18-inch display that can be rolled-up like a newspaper. Where companies are busy creating screens that can be bend and rolled, Google seems be thinking another way.

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