Google now shuts down Google Compare

Google now shuts down Google Compare

Google has confirmed that he is closing Google Compare and other comparing tools by the end of March 2016.

Google now shuts down Google Compare

Google Compare is a web based lead generating tool that allows users to compare different plans from different companies in field of travel, financial, insurance and mortgage.

Compare service was limited to US and UK and will be unavailable from 23rd March 2016. The aim was to simplify the finance related services for users and earning through referrals.

According to Andrew Rose, CEO, “It was a bit shocking today to hear that they are exiting.”

According to Rose, Google is not just exiting insurance but also credit cards, banking products, the mortgage products in the U.S. and the U.K.

Google never received the expected outcome from the tool. This tool was supposed to be launched in 24 states, it was only launched in 4 states within 9 months.

Google will focus on Adwords, which generates around 60 % of Google’s total revenue. This is the second shutdown from Google in 2016 after shutting down Picasa recently.

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