Google New Tool will Help ‘Mobilegeddon’ Victims

Google New Tool will Help Mobilegeddon Victims

Google has announced the “Test My Site with Google“, a new diagnostic tool which will help small businesses in creating better mobile websites, to improve user experience on mobile.

Test My Site with Google
IMG / Google Webmaster Blog

The company is rolling out a new diagnostic tool to help them figure out how to make their sites faster and easier to use on smartphones, Yong Su Kim, Google’s managing director of small-to-medium business sales for the Americas, tells Business Insider.

The tool, Test My Site with Google, launches in May and will look pretty similar to other free tests that the company offers. But Kim says that the team built this one specifically for small-business site owners who might not be very tech savvy.

Small businesses will just enter their website URL to get a short diagnostic check. Google will then tell them specific reasons why their site isn’t mobile-friendly and custom tips on how to improve.

“We want to make sure that Google is doing our part to help advertisers make the most of it,” Kim says.

“We feel that it’s important for small businesses to have a presence that reflects the true nature of the business, with full flexibility and customization, and however they want to program it themselves for the end user,” he says when asked about Facebook’s stance.

This news came after a year of Mobilegeddon (Name given to Google’s algorithm update of April 21, 2015). Google realize, that their are number of small businesses who could not make their website mobile friendly.