Google Joins Facebook’s Open Compute Project

Google Joins Facebook’s Open Compute Project
IMG / Google Server Room

Google announced today that it has joined the Open Compute Project (OCP), and the company will donate a specification for a rack that it designed for its own data centres.

The NEWS was declared in OCP U.S. summit in San Jose.

Open Compute Project was founded by Facebook to share designs of servers and other data centre equipment. Companies like Microsoft are already a part of OCP since 2014 and has already shared the hardware designs. It took 5 years and Google is now officially contributing to OCP.

John Zipfel, Technical Program Manager, Google “The Open Compute community is an established collection of consumers and producers, and we see an opportunity to contribute our experience and expand the Open Rack specification. We’re collaborating with Facebook on a common 48V rack that we intend to submit for consideration by OCP.”

Facebook is donating designs for a non-volatile memory (NVM) flash storage appliance. Check a blog post by Chris Petersen, Facebook hardware systems engineer for more details.