Google iOS app for iPhone is now faster

Google iOS app for iPhone

According to the latest announcement, Google iOS app for iPhone and iPad is now faster. Google has reduced the downloading time and added some new features.

Unni Narayanan, Director, Product Management at Google says in the blog post. “Each time you open the app or do a search, everything will load just a bit quicker.” “These small improvements will save app users a combined 6.5 million hours this year.”

The Google app for iOS will also support AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages. With AMP, news articles from some publishers will load instantly. Users can look out for the lightning bolt and ‘AMP’ next to articles in the ‘Top Stories’ section of their search results to view news faster.

AMP works like Facebook’s Instant Articles. It allows articles to open directly within the app itself. Loads at a fraction of the time it would take to open regular web pages.

According to Google, the web pages adopting AMP technology will load up to four times faster and consume up to 10 times less data. “In many cases, they’ll load instantly. It’s how reading on the mobile web should be. Fast, responsive and fun,” Google said.

Users can also watch sports highlights instantly from their Now cards. When a card with sports highlights is tapped, it can be watched from within the app.

Earlier this month, Google had announced an offline mode to its translation app. Google reduced the file size of the language modules used for offline translation. This requires a one-time download. Later you can choose to translate offline.

“The way we think about it is, speed is one of those critical ranking factors. Not the only one that you need, and AMP says to us, ‘I’m consistently fast.” said Google product manager Rudy Galfi at the time.

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