Google brings Goals to Google Calendar App

Google Calendar Make Goal Find Time-compressed
Google Calendar Make Goal Find Time-compressed

On 12 April, Wednesday, Google Calendar is celebrating 10 years. On his birthday, Google introduces a new feature called “Goal” in Google Calendar, its iOS and Android app.

We all want to try different things every day. For example, I would like to learn French, spend more time with family or exercise more to lose some extra pounds. Google Goal can actually help you with your Goals. You just have to enter the details of your goal and how many occurrence you need. It will find the time for you to work towards your biggest goals

Google brings Goals to Calendar App

To set new Goal, (like Learn French) simply answer a few questions (like “How often?” and “Best time?”) and you’re all set.

From there Calendar will look at your schedule and find the best time frame to point time for that goal.

You can also defer a goal at any time, and Calendar will make time for it later.

Calendars should help you make the most of your time—not just be tools to track events. So as Google Calendar turns 10 today we’re excited to invest in more updates like Goals, and to help you find time for everything that matters—from your daily must-dos, to exercising more, to just a little “me time.” Said Jyoti Ramnath, Product Manager in a post.

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